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Africonexion is a cultural consulting company specializing in African and American culture. Through publications, workshops, group and individual consultations, it helps Africans and Americans identify and deal with problems that stem from cultural differences. Its preferred strategy entails anticipating and preventing problems and conflicts. Based in Northfield, Minnesota 55057, Africonexion has reached people across the globe.

Book Talk

Africonexion hosts a series of book talks that not only educate but promote cross-barrier discussions concerning African and American culture and traditions. If you’re interested in joining our book talk discussions, give us a call today.

Cultural Consult Group

From diversity training programs, to tourist companies, as well as non-profit and community organizations, we have all the tools and literature to properly educate both Africans and Americans alike. We are proudly here to bridge the gap.

Cultural Consult Individual

Not only do we train groups, but we are happy to give one-on-one training. If you are looking to understand African or American history a little more, we are happy to enlighten you!

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